Alexander the Great Silver Tetradrachm in 14K Gold *SPECIAL ORDER ONLY*

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These coins are somewhat difficult to find in fine or very fine condition as pictured here. As with all our coins, we do not alter the coin in any way. Each bezel is hand-crafted from precious metal and fitted to each individual coin.  Silver coins of Alexander's reign feature Herakles (Hercules) wearing a lion's skin headdress on obverse, with Zeus seated on throne holding eagle and scepter on reverse.  These coins were minted from 336-323B.C.  Alexander the Great began his career as king of Macedonia, although only the first two years of his reign were spent in his native land.  By the time of his death at age 33, he ruled a vast empire stretching from Greece to India.  Coins of this type were minted for more than 100 years after Alexander's death, with the last of the 'Alexanders' being minted about 85B.C. 


For example only, a coin like the one pictured here with 14K bezel and hand-made Italian chain can sell for between $5500 and $6500. Contact us if you have an interest in owning one of these historical coins.

After research and study we have determined a coin of this type is the most likely candidate for the coin mentioned in the Bible book of Matthew Chapter 17. The account states that Peter (on Jesus' instruction) went to the lake and cast out a line, pulled in the first fish he caught and took a coin from it's mouth to pay the Temple tax.